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Do you want to move all your belongings out of your existing place? No matter whether it’s an office move or a house move, the idea of moving heavy and fragile items from place A to B is a time-consuming job. What if all your stuff is to be moved from your old place to a new place by removalists? Yes, you have heard it right! You can hire a man with a van service provider for your relocation.

When you relocate all your stuff on your own, then you have to take a lot of responsibilities, including hiring a van, packaging material, loading items into the truck, and much more. However, when you hire a man with a van in Melbourne, then you don’t need to worry about challenges that come with a DIY approach.

With ‘Man-Van’ services, you can expect to load and transport all your items safely to your new location so that you’ll have no problems during relocation. At Melbourne Movers and Packers 24/7, we offer you the facility of a man with van removals. We have a fleet of removal vans and trucks. We’ll tell you what size of van will best match your requirements.

Man With a Van

Get Assistance from a Man with a Van in Melbourne

The shifting process has never been an easy job. For a stress-free move, firstly you have to consider a lot of things, and secondly, you have to make a perfect plan for your move. However, planning and implementation of the relocation process is a time-consuming process. This is where people generally take help from a man with van removals to get assistance for their relocation matters.

Melbourne Movers and Packers 24/7 offer you a man with van removalist facility when it comes to moving to a new location as we can resolve various issues by managing your move, arranging items safely, and transporting items to the new location with utmost care.

What do We Offer Other Than the Man with a Van?

Man with a van service is idle for transporting a few items, but when you want to shift items in bulk, and then you might need a team of removalists for your house/office move. Melbourne Movers and Packers 24/7 offer you packing, loading, moving, and unloading services.

  • After requesting quotes and finalising, our team of removalists will come to your place to pack all your items to be moved. We’ll ensure to use high-quality packaging material to prevent your items from being damaged.
  • Once items are packed properly, we will load your items into the truck. We will use trolleys and other tools to lift your items carefully to load them into the truck.
  • We’ll move your items to your new location, once loading is done. When we arrive at your new location, then we’ll unload all your belongings from the truck.
  • We also offer you junk removal services.

We believe in safely delivering all your items because we know how valuable the stuff can be for you. It is our duty to transport all your items to your new destination without causing any damage. We provide you services in a way that all your burden is reduced from your head. Our transport network and removalists allow us to shift all your belongings to your new place. Our top-notch moving and packing services will cause minimum disruption.

If you feel our services are worthy enough, then you can hire our removalists for your move. We have all the necessary tools available that will help load and move your stuff easily.

    FAQs about a Man with a Van Moving Services Provider


    What do you offer in a man with a van service?
    In this service, you’ll get a loading, moving, unloading, and storage facility for your items. If you want extra services, then you have to mention them in quotation generation form.
    What if your van stops working during the move?
    Well, we have never experienced this situation. However, if it happens, then we’ll be responsible for it to fix the issue as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with our services, then you can call us.
    Do you have any hidden charges?
    Absolutely no! We don’t have any hidden charges. All charges will be disclosed in front of you after you request a quote. Once charges are disclosed, we’ll not charge you more. However, if you want more services, then definitely you have to pay. For moving a few items, you can hire a man with a van moving service provider.
    How much storage do your trucks have?
    We have a 3-ton truck, 4-ton truck, 4.5-ton truck, 6-ton truck, 7 ton truck/9 ton truck, and 10-12 ton truck. If you have large items, you don’t need to worry about space as we have a large capacity of trucks.

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